Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten Days to Decide the Future of Planned Parenthood!

That alarming title is meant to stir the faithful into emptying their pockets into Planned Parenthood's coffers.  The House of Representatives voted Friday to kick it off the public dole.  Noman wonders what they were doing on it in the first place.  He was also surprised to read on Planned Parenthood's website that such a relatively meager sum was involved: $363 million.  In the age of Obama, that's chump change.  Noman had assumed that they, like Americorp ($6 billion) and Acorn ($5 billion), had reaped those essential stimulus billions necessary to keep the unemployment rate from hitting 8%.  In any event, there is no shortage of billionaire population controllers--Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, The Packard Foundation, George Soros and others--who can think of nothing more important to do with their customer and investor generated billions than to make sure there are fewer customers and investors in the future.  Noman suspects that these philanthropic Paladins would be happy to make up whatever shortfall  PP might be inconvenienced with.   [Noman wonders what it is about these (old or dead, white) men that makes them think it's so important to spend their money on controlling population in the third (dark-skinned) world.]  Contrary to PP's fundraising alarums, it is in no danger of being shut down even if it loses Uncle Sam's millions.

In Noman's opinon this fight is not about the money. It's about legitimacy, the kind that federal patronage confers, just as the fight about stem cell research funding during the second President Bush's term was.  Noman suspects that the left positively enjoys forcing people opposed to their idea of the common good to fund it, and therefore endorse it in practice, regardless of how evil or repugnant they find it, perhaps especially because they find it so.  The left's project is always to dull consciences by forcing its preferred social outcomes on society, and spreading the blood around on collective hands behind compassionate-sounding phrases.  All the time, there are fewer unsullied people to object.  In this it's true, as the letter below indicates, PP always keeps on going; nothing stops them from forcing American taxpayers to pay for their preferred vision of the good society.

Noman recalls some of those "one in five women who have been to a Planned Parenthood health center in their lifetime." He wonders though if they're all in PP's corner now.  In late 1960's California, where abortion was legal before Roe v. Wade, PP was the place to go to get the contraceptives necessary to allow virgins to go all the way with their frisky boyfriends without their parents finding out about it.  Ah, how Noman's friends loved it then.  PP was essential to sexualizing young women against their parents' wishes, and without their knowledge.  That's just the way PP has always liked it, and fought to keep it.  Naturally, if contraception failed--an all to frequent occurrence--PP was there to expunge the incriminating evidence, and allow couples to pretend that nothing had happened.  Noman's recollection is that relationships so affected had short life spans, and that women leaving them were often bitter about men.  Noman has always thought that the most abhorrent aspect of abortion is not that  babies die, but rather that mothers kill their own babies.  It does something awful to them inside, though it maintains their bright economic prospects as we are incessantly reminded.  Because of the Supreme Court's fanciful and tendentious reading of the Constitution over the decades, there is no danger that this scourge will be lifted from our land anytime soon.  But, because Americans have generally come to question the role of federal government as an agent of redistribution, and as Santa Claus bringing good liberal children whatever their hearts desire, at least we may not be forced to pay for it.

The list of Senators "in play" is listed on the article from Catholic Vote.  I don't put much credence in Democratic "pro-lifers."  We all saw what their convictions were worth last year.  Still, they're scared for their jobs, and may embrace this relatively harmless way of reestablishing their prolife bona-fides with the disgusted electorate.  If President Obama can successfully posture as a conservative after showing everyone his fangs and claws for two years when he couldn't be stopped, why can't they?  After all, they'll have the inestimable benefit of the same media cover.  As for pro-choice-of-abortion-Republicans, they're a hard breed to pry away from the plaudits of a fawning media that swoons over them whenever they break ranks with their party.  The wages of political sin are fabulous.  They should, however, contemplate how Senator Bob Packwood was repaid for his devoted service to the pro-abortion left during Ronald Reagan's Presidency.  Stranger things have happened, however.  Noman says that it would be a blow on behalf of liberty to privatize PP's funding, and he hopes that the Senate evinces half the clarity and guts on this issue that the House has.

From: Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2011 8:02 AM

Subject: Ten days to decide the future of Planned Parenthood
Dear supporter, 

The next 10 days will decide the future of Planned Parenthood. 

And at the end of those 10 days, every single one of us who cares so deeply about the millions of women, men, and teens Planned Parenthood health centers serve will ask ourselves, "Did I do everything I could to protect this irreplaceable organization from these devastating attacks?" 

I am determined to say yes. Absolutely, unequivocally YES. I'm counting on you to agree — so, if you can, please help by making an emergency contribution to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund today. 

Yesterday, after the House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood from all federal funding for any purpose whatsoever, we didn't waste a single moment. Instead, we did what we do best: we kept going. 

The work that lies ahead of us as the bill moves to the Senate for consideration is nothing short of astonishing. We need your help to rise to this incredible challenge. 

Over the next 10 days, we will make sure that every single senator knows just how critical Planned Parenthood health centers are to three million women every year. And we will make sure that every single senator sees the faces of the one in five women who have been to a Planned Parenthood health center in their lifetime. That's millions of people, standing as one. 

You are a vital part of the plan. Your actions, your voice, and right now, your generous emergency contribution are what will make the difference in stopping this attack on funding for birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other essential care. 

You know just as I do that Planned Parenthood has been the target of persistent attacks for most of our 95 years, and nothing — nothing — stops us from standing strong to protect and promote women's health day in and day out. But we've never seen anything like this. The bill to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding is part of an unbelievable and unrelenting campaign meant to shut down Planned Parenthood health centers and deny women access to basic health care. We can stop it — and we must. 

Thank you so very much on behalf of Planned Parenthood — and the women, men, and teens who are counting on us — for your actions thus far, for the actions we will ask of you in the days ahead, and for your emergency contribution today. You are amazing.

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