Monday, February 28, 2011

Democrats Cause Obesity

The following article gives a brief sketch of what happens when people feeding at the public trough have impediments placed in their way.

The first thing the politicians do when confronted with the moment of truth is to RUN and HIDE, if they're Democrats, that is.  When they are Republicans, they stand in front of the train, make their arguments, take the hit, and let the public sort things out at the next election.  Democrats hector them that "elections have consequences," and dismiss Republican concerns by flicking the wrist and saying": "I won."

But when Republicans win, Democratic senators flee the State in order to prevent a quorum.  That sounds mature, doesn't it?   The rule in modern politics is presumably that what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, but only when Democrats are are the gander.   Noman says that if those awol senators can't find their way home to make their arguments, take their lumps and let the people sort it out in 2012, then they should be fined, recalled, and subject to compensation clawbacks.  New elections should be held ASAP to refill the seats with legislators who will perform the tasks delegated by the people through their constitution.  Republicans have lawyers; they should use them.

Noman has a news flash for public sector unions across the nation:  there are too many of you, you live too well, and you cost too much.  And, you have the nerve to do this not only at other people's expense, but under the color of a right!  You are fat at a time when the people picking up the tab for your obesity are lean.  Your victories are not the people's victories.  They are the middle class's enslavement to a perpetually overgrowing, and overweening state.   The people you ostensibly serve are sick of it.  Your diet has begun, whether you face the fact, or not.

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