Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Necessary Concession to Decency

Nowife, being Noman's unerring guide to lines that shouldn't be crossed, objected to his self-description, which read "Bitter teabagger clinging to his guns and religion."  The use, of course, was ironic.  She, like Noman, knows that the term is a sexually graphic slur used by the President of the United States (Think about that!), and television anchors that still hold their positions, to denigrate citizens that attended tea parties on which they ostensibly were reporting.  Noman's use of the term was meant to underscore the depths to which one of our political parties regularly sinks in order to mock political opponents, and to hold it up as a mark of opprobrium against those who use the term, not those who are tagged with it.  Nevertheless, Nowife was concerned that children reading this blog would be exposed to something they'd be better off not knowing.  She's got a point, and Noman has changed his profile to respect Nowife's counsel.  The fact that the left is indecent, doesn't exonerate the surly right from respecting the strictures of propriety.  It is held to a higher standard than are anti-dogma dogmatists whose coarsening of the nation's social fabric traditional believers decry.  This post stands as Noman's protest to the debasing of mainstream media, and White House discourse.  Thank you sweetheart.

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