Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shutting Down The Government

Everyone knows that Karl Rove was President Bush's advisor, some might say Svengali.  Today he serves the function at the Wall Street Journal that Paul Krugman serves at the New York Times.  Both are reliable party men, and trenchant advocates--polar opposites, naturally.  
In the White House Press Room on Tuesday, President Barack Obama did what comes naturally—scold others, in this case the Congress. Mr. Obama complained that a budget agreement "could have gotten done three months ago."   
What he didn't say was that the budget should have "gotten done" six months ago, before the current fiscal year started last Oct. 1. Our government's failure to have a budget in place halfway through the fiscal year is the president's responsibility. He and his party dominated Congress by wide margins when the budget was supposed to be put in place.
With respect to the media alarums that the Ryan 2012 budget proposal is sure to elicit, Rove points out that:
Mr. Ryan would have the government spend $40 trillion over the next 10 years, $6.2 trillion less than Mr. Obama's budget plan of $46 trillion. This is an overall reduction in what the government plans to spend, not a cut from what it is spending today. 
In case you're interested.

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