Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abortion, and Budgets

The federal government averted a shutdown Friday night when the Democrats agreed to a few more billion dollars in unspecified cuts, and the Republicans dropped their insistence on federally defunding Planned Parenthood (and other riders).  Noman wasn't surprised, as he didn't expect the rider to get as far as it did.  The Republicans weren't ready to shut down the government over the issue, and the Democrats were.  Dems focused their prerogative-preserving attacks on the "far right's ideological agenda," and Republicans shied away from the fight.  Pity.  They missed a teachable moment.  

Those who kill their babies are the ones with something to hide from the public, not those who oppose forcing others to pay for the crime.  It's a shame that Republicans couldn't find one eloquent spokesman to argue the case for life--a Henry Hyde, for instance--when it mattered, or to explain the link between fiscal and social issues to the electorate.  Let Noman try. Only a people decent enough to accept limits to its self-gratifying behavior (thereby avoiding a last resort to mayhem in the womb) is likely to be decent enough to accept limits to its spending and borrowing.  Anyone who identifies the act of exterminating babies (for instance, the one pictured above) as the touchstone of personal liberty--something that feminists and philanderers have been arguing for decades--and moreover who expects others to stand silently by with their mouths shut and their wallets opened, is also likely to expect others to fund whatever social priorities s/he identifies.  Responsibility and decency are habits of the person that will manifest themselves in personal action, both socially and economically.  

Moreover, social conservatives were no more responsible for this unnecessary crisis than were social liberals--less by Noman's reckoning.  Funding for planned planned parenthood did not waft into the public budget on a breeze.  It was imposed by Democrats on the American public by means similar to those employed by Republicans trying to free the public from the imposition.  This season's budget skirmish would not have been necessary had lefties not prevailed in earlier budget contests.  And, in the final analysis, it was the left that was willing to exercise the nuclear option in its insistence, not the right.  The media specializes in clamoring about ideologues on the right, while denying (by their silence) the existence of ideologues on the left.  The public should not be hoodwinked about the contest, or the stakes. 

The funding issue, as per agreement, will come before the Senate, which will vote it down because Democrats run the show there.  And, Democrats fight with rat-like rage for all things abortion.  Generally, to vote "D" means to cast a vote for dependence, depravity, and death.  And, abortion satisfies all three conditions.  (1) It encourages irresponsible men and women to turn to government-funded agencies in order to avoid the responsibility for a baby that their actions have brought (or might bring, in the case of contraception) into existence.  (2) What could be more depraved than a mother delivering her baby to the executioner.  And, (3) death is the alpha and the omega of the act: its motive and end.  

Every Senator will be on record as to where they stand on government funding of abortion.  I hope that Republican Senators, when explaining why funding "women's services" is none of the federal government's business--whether or not it's running deficits, but especially when it is--will take the time to explain that the culture of death, which menaces us all, rides the coat tails of the abortion lobby.
In some ways the dispute over Planned Parenthood funding is symbolic. The legal right to abortion is not at stake, and the subsidy doesn't even pay directly for abortion, which the group is required to fund from nonfederal revenue. So why is it the Democratic Party's No. 1 priority?
Our best answer is identity politics. As we observed in January, for many liberal women, their sexual identity is bound up in their politics, and especially in the politics of abortion. Just about anyone who lives in a big American city has the experience of being told by a woman, probably a youngish college-educated woman, that she would never vote Republican because the GOP is against abortion.
There are single-issue antiabortion voters as well, and our guess is that they are more numerous nationwide. Republicans have on the whole done better than Democrats in federal elections since 1980, when the parties first became polarized around abortion; and the Roe effect ought to give them a demographic boost.
But single-issue pro-abortion voters are still a crucial component of the Democratic electoral base. As National Journal reported last week, President Obama is "struggling with every other segment of the white electorate, including younger voters," with the exception of "well-educated white women."
Noman believes that these "well educated white women" are rather poorly educated, especially about ethics.  But, they are highly indoctrinated, with a chip on their shoulders for not being born with men's ability to arise from a sexual encounter unburdened by new, separate life within.  They are the quintessence of narrow-mindedness, especially about their nature and all that goes with it, regardless of how many degrees they have.

Noman's opinion of why Democrats are so adamant about abortion is that Democrats are the party of the left, and as leftists, are neo-Hegelians who believe that the state is the march of God in the world.  There is no room for devotion to another God--especially not the God whose followers colonized this country and established the American nation--and abortion strikes at the heart of Christian civilization.  For lefties in America and throughout the occident, Christ, the great Liberator, must die again by being ripped from the culture, and having his church shackled; the Holy Spirit must be denied access to the human heart by enslaving man to his libido, and occluding his conscience as to the morality of personal action; God must be diminished by belittling His fatherhood, and debasing human fatherhood, thereby discrediting the concept of fatherhood generally.  Just Noman's opinion.

Abortion, turns mother against child, and enlists the complicity of fathers, and/or law.  Thus, the mother-child bond nurtured within a family--the most intimate bond known to man--is converted from the seedbed of security to the font of alienation.  Every American born after 1973--the year the Supreme Court definitively turned the country over to culture warriors on the left--was born to a mother that could have turned thumbs down on his existence, including (until 2007) in the 9th month of pregnancy; none have intrinsic value; all have worth merely by the good graces of another who deigned to let him live.  The person, shorn of supernatural and human context, and oriented towards vice is easy prey for the aggrandizing state promising cradle to grave security.  In reality, it offers dependence, depravity and death.  And abortion is the key to its achieving the desired result, sooner or later.

Consider how far the march of this false god has advanced in the last four years, since Nancy Pelosi's Congress joined with Harry Reid's Senate to govern in accordance with leftist beliefs.  Did anyone ever think that the Leviathan federal government would be strong enough to fend off efforts to reduce a $1.65 trillion deficit.  Noman didn't.

Defund Planned Parenthood, and quit making people like the ones above pay for activity on behalf of a god (of state) that they won't worship.  Let PP survive on the support of those who believe in the sanctity of taking human life.

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