Monday, April 18, 2011

Do You Know Where Your Children Are - 1

One of the nice things about having lots of No-children is that there's always something going on.  No-child number four (No-daughter number three) was in a play last weekend, Shady Acres.  Happily, it featured Beatles music.

Ah, "Eight Days A Week," one of Noman's Fab Four favorites.  He was happy to see a (much) younger generation waking up to music that thrilled him when he was not quite their age.  Aside from that, he is overjoyed to be living and raising children in a home-schooling community that puts on a variety of surprisingly good shows each year.  For further instance, No-children ## 2 & 3 will be performing next month in an elaborate production of "The Scarlet Pimpernel."  (The costumes were sewn by a dedicated mother!)

Back to Shady Acres, there was a relatively spontaneous cast party at Noman's house after the final performance on Friday night, and he encouraged his daughter to show the players "A Hard Day's Night."  Given that they'd been hearing the music for weeks of practice, he thought they might want to see what all the commotion was about.  Alas, No-daughter #3 likes neither the Beatles nor the movie, and the players settled in for a showing of Anastasia--the cartoon feature, not the Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner movie.  Generally, the sounds of laughter and gayety filled the house, and all was well and good, even without the Beatles.

No-son #1 (No-child #2), who graduates from high school this year, came home from work around 10pm, and we streamed the San Francisco Giants game, which was just beginning in Arizona.  What an amazing world this is, when one doesn't even need to live in the same city (or continent) as one's team to watch it play daily (if one has the time).  Eventually, parents came by to pick up their teeny-boppers.  One No-friend sat down to chat and enjoy a few minutes of the game.  On his way out the door he smiled and said.  "I count my blessings every night."  He pointed too my teenage son on the couch, noted that I was sitting at home on a Friday night with him watching a baseball game, and said that Noman had much to be thankful for.  He was right about that.  Noman is happy to be living life with No-family, surrounded by No-families of No-friends, and thanks his Father for the blessings.

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