Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Philosophy Hath Wrought

It's a serious topic.  Not that Noman intends to get serious about it, unless you're serious about good music.  Noman, Nowife and a number of Nochildren attended a Scythian concert in Ann Arbor last night, a quartet going on quintet, which styles itself as an immigrant road show playing Celtic with an edge.  The immigrant identification refers to parentage: in the case of brothers Alex (in the middle) and Danny (on the right), Ukranian; in the case of Joe (on the left), Austrian.  But, it's their fathers' professions that Noman calls attention to.  The three Dionysian revelers pictured above sprang forth from the loins of ... philosophers: in Alex and Danny's case, Dr. Damien Fedoryka, former President of Christendom College; in Joe's case, Dr. John Crosby of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.  (Both are adherents to the Realist Phenomenology school of philosophy, and studied under Dietrich von Hildebrand, which must have something to do with it.) That is not to slight the indispensable contributions of Irene Fedoryka and Pia Crosby to the band.  It's simply to honor that venerable, original science, and especially philosophers from whom Noman has learned.  He and Nowife had the privilege of studying under Dr. Crosby when he taught at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein; he directed Nowife's master's thesis (On Time and Eternity in the Writings of Edith Stein).  And, it has been Noman and Nowife's pleasure to know Damien and Irene (recently passed away) in Ann Arbor, as well as one of Alex and Danny's sisters, Kateryna, at the Academy.  It's a small world, especially in Catholic circles.

Scythian is a dynamic, gifted and family friendly group, as evidenced by the three generations of attendee in the packed house.  As you know from Noman's bio, he doesn't party much.  But, Scythian's periodic visits to A2 are an exception to the rule.  Noman hasn't enjoyed the fiddle so much since Papa John Creach was laying it down for Hot Tuna, The Jefferson Airplane and others.  And, Alex is better than Papa John was; so is Joe.  Compare for yourself.

Noman would love to hear Scythian adapt some of Papa John's music--he could rock the joint--and thinks they could do it, and him, more than justice.  Regardless, Noman and his Nofamily will likely be in attendance the next time they come to town.  An itinerary is appended in the event you like good music and are looking for some good, clean, healthy fun.

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