Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me Voy Pa' Moron

As Noman slogs through the dismal science with Thomas Sowell (and others), he seeks a periodic lift from music that gives wing to the soul (on this side of eternity).  He doesn't know what does it for the reader.  But, Cuban music does it for him.

Me Voy Pa' Moron was covered by the Fania All Stars--a traveling super group of Salsa musicians in the 60's and 70's--led by legendary lead singer, Hector Lavoe, "The Singer" (of Willie Colon Orchestra, and individual, fame).

If you'd like a lighter, more feathery ascent, try this one:

Doesn't this one make you want to slide onto the dance floor with your beloved for an exercise in fluidity?

Thank you Lord for giving Noman a Latin soul.

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