Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leave Us Not Forget St. Joseph

Though Noman neglected to post on it, he. like millions of Catholics the world over, celebrated the feast of St. Joseph yesterday, March 19th.  St. Joseph doesn't get a thousandth of the attention that his more venerated wife, our mother Mary, does.  And, I suspect he prefers it that way.  God needed him to play a stronger role at the beginning of Our Lord's  earthly life than at the end of it.   But, can you imagine what kind of guy he was for God to choose him to play the role he did in the salvation narrative.  He drops out of mention in the Gospels fairly early.  But, he was around long enough to teach Jesus what he would humanly need to know in order to get by in this world until he was ready to begin his public ministry, and even after.  We know enough about Joseph to glean important lessons about sanctity.   For those desirous of reflecting on this great Saint and intercessor, Noman appends the following meditation.

"Faith, hope, love: these are the supports of Joseph's life and of all christian lives.  Joseph's self-giving is an interweaving of faithful love, loving faith and confident hope.  His feast is thus a good opportunity for us to renew our commitment to the christian calling God has give each of us."  There is a manly statue of Joseph and Jesus on one side of the transept at Christ the King church in Ann Arbor, which always reminds Noman to pray to be a good husband and father.  Thank you Joseph, for helping.

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