Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comedic America

I don't ordinarily laugh at the picture of a surgical glove being readied.  But, I do when the picture accompanies a headline regarding ObamaCare.  That's because we all know where the finger is headed, and the subliminal connection is startlingly funny.

Having become docile zombies like Laurence Harvey in The Manchurian Candidate, Americans are helpless to protect themselves from violation.  In the movie, it was the red queen's suggestions (personified by Harvey's commie of a mommy, Angela Lansbury) that the victim of brainwashing couldn't resist.  In this instance, it is the red king's instruction to bend over that the populace finds compelling.

We might as well laugh.  What else can we do, but die when instructed to by the president's death panels?

I had another chuckle today from my morning news.  A 1997 tape recording of Monica Lewinsky has surfaced in which she suggests in flagrante dilecto to "the big he."  Monica wagged the president by his concupiscence, directing him to have Betty Curry, the Presidential secretary, clear her path to the Oval Office.

It's ironic that the President of the United States--a man generally regarded as the world's most powerful--would, by virtue of his disordered passions, be wrapped around the little finger of the kind of woman that the Rolling Stones lionized in "Star Star." 

But it wasn't that, or the inconvenience to Hilary's presidential aspirations, that provoked a snort.  She wouldn't be inconvenienced by the (hypothetical) murder of an American ambassador on her watch.

Rather, it was the article's flippant aside to the tape's presumed hiding place for all these years, next to President Obama's real birth certificate, that made me laugh.  I chuckled because the pundit had linked, and flaunted, two taboo subjects.

Bill pops up in the media regularly.  We are expected to nod at at his sagacity, forgetting that he was impeached, disbarred, and run out of D.C. clutching White House china in one hand and white-hot cash from pardons in the other.

Moreover, it's been decided that Hilary is going to be our next President, PERIOD, Benghazi and the vast right-wing conspiracy, notwithstanding.  So, inconvenient truths are henceforth prohibited from seeing the light of day.  We're not supposed to remember you-know-who-insky.

The correct recollections are that Linda Tripp was a witch who betrayed a friend, and that Slick Willie defended the Constitution from creepy Ken Starr.

Similarly, Barack Obama's birthplace is simply not a fit subject for conversation wherever the set that determines propriety lives, e.g., Hollywood, New York, universities.  Constitutional requirements notwithstanding, only bigoted people who wear tinfoil hats or belong to the flat-earth society consider it an open topic for discussion.

Most importantly, we are not to consider what liars politicians are, unless they're Republicans.  So, it's startling, and funny, when somebody does.

Monica did Bill in the White House--though he swore that he didn't do her back.  When a soiled blue dress ruined that defense, the grounds for his virtue shifted to the meaning of "is."

We had to endure an endless string of lies for a year, even lies under oath, because it was liberals telling them.  Under these circumstances, we were supposed to suspend all critical faculties, shoot the messenger and blame George Bush the elder.

Liberal's nearly always escape punishment for their perfidies.  But, they can't avoid mockery and derision.

Similarly, everyone knows that Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate is a computer-generated fraud.  A law suit has been filed to establish the fact.  Here we go again.

Were it not for the cut-and-paste job he submitted as evidence of his Hawaiian birth, his self-incriminating inability to put the matter to rest--to his questioners', not apologists', satisfaction--and the media's clenched-cheek insistence to contain the matter, I wouldn't give it a second thought.  But, the stink is out despite liberals' exertions.

Since our Constitution doesn't constrain statists, it appears there is nothing we can do about it.  But, statists can't prevent people from laughing at their brazenness.

Try another one on for mirth.  After four years of good behavior in jail, O.J. Simpson has gotten paroled for some of his kidnapping and robbery convictions.  One wag noted that he'll nevertheless be locked up for another four years, after which time he can resume his search for Nicole's real killer. 

These are desperate times when a wife (and paramour) killer can elicit laughter.  O.J. got away with murder by lying about it.  Then, he lied about his dogged quest to uncover the truth.

It was the inverse of The Fugitive, in which David Janssen searched for the one-armed murderer of his wife for 120 episodes.  With O.J., we got two brutal (black-on-white) murders, one episode of his being chased in a Ford Bronco, another of his lawyers trying the L.A. police department for (white-on-black) racism, and his phony search for the real killer.

Even Hollywood knows that O.J. did it.  Yet, since there is no stopping liberals who defend the big lie, we are reduced to sniggering at their mendacity.

Care for more laughs?  The Drudge Report has been reveling in Anthony Weiner's bid to revive his spent political career with headlines such as "Younger Women Love Weiner" (Isn't that the demographic that hates Rush Limbaugh?); "Weiner Sticks It Out"; "Weiner Roasting"; "Weiner Goes Soft"; "Pressure Mounts On Weiner To Pull Out"...

It's tacky, I know.  But, so is he.  In more decent times, he would be too ashamed to show his...  face.  These days, the only decent response to his mayoral candidacy is salacious ribbing.  Thanks to Drudge, that's easy.

Eliot Spitzer, "client number five," wants to serve the public again.  Ha ha.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, says the city has to pay for his legal defense to sexual harassment charges because it didn't provide him with sexual harassment training.  Ha, ha, ha.

News Flash: NomanSays presents video evidence of his honour molesting one of the ten women who have stepped forward to accuse him.

President Obama--despite hundreds of meetings with top IRS officials and at least one with the IRS union boss--didn't know anything about the IRS targeting of his political enemies, or its leaking of illicitly obtained information about them to the press.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.

The President is ready to act without Congress in order to--get this--protect the middle class.  Stop! You're killing me!

We're expected to believe anything these days.  I don't know about you.  But, it leaves me incredulous.

What can one do but laugh, even if it's only to keep from crying?


  1. Welcome back, Noman! You have been missed! You are inimitable.

    1. Thanks. Some men have only their mothers to cheer them on. I'm a lucky guy.