Sunday, January 22, 2012

South Carolina's Secession

In a break with the Republican establishment, South Carolina Republicans supported Newt Gingrich rather than Mitt Romney with their primary votes.  There is the scent of revaluation, if not revolution in the air.  

Gingrich regaled ebullient supporters with an articulation of the broad principles distinguishing the two Parties (i.e., the America of the founding fathers v. Saul Alinsky's America), and a sharp denunciation of the President's leadership including his recent decision to block the development of the Keystone pipeline (and blame it on Republicans), a Canadian-American project essential to the health of the US economy.

Newt commented upon the President's Keystone blunder in the days before the election.  His stress in those remarks was on the stupidity of President Obama's decision, whereas his victory speech underscored the danger that a President capable of such stupidity poses to the nation.

In other significant news, Occupy Wall Street graced Rick Santorum's election night gathering with its disruptions.  That a gaggle of compensated agitators would single out Santorum at that particular moment when he didn't even win speaks volumes about its phobias, and assessment of the primary season thus far.

First, it indicates where the Left's hatred is focused, and who it most wants to destroy.  Being a religious man, Santorum is likely to be honored by the abuse: "Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

Second, it underscores the connection between the big government Statism that OWS favors and the sexual deviancy at the heart of the Democratic Party.  Chants of "bigot" and screams about gays are the best way the Left can think of to discredit a campaign predicated on returning America to its traditional values, which include limited government, strong families, freedom, vibrant faith, the work ethic and an abiltiy to retain the fruits of one's labor rather than have them spread around DC.

Finally, Santorum has been locked in a struggle with Ron Paul for the ancillary attention of Republican voters.  OWS's attack on Santorum indicates that the Democratic party is rooting for Paul and his principled libertarianism, which is ironically more congenial to its Statist ambitions--via sexual degeneracy best exemplified by the mainstreaming of abortion and homosexuality.

The Republicans' VP choice will indicate which faction of the Party's soul prevails.  Santorum has positioned himself as a candidate who can deliver the fly-over States of blue collar persuasion, and would be a great asset on the ticket with a President Gingrich, or Romney.

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