Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Media-Political Complex

There is apparently some consternation on Capitol Hill that sensitive intelligence has been leaked to Hollywood in order to glorify President Obama's grit and determination in a movie.  

At a time when no other mortal alive would have dared give an order to kill Osama bin Laden, the king of terror, President Obama bucked ferocious opposition abroad and domestically to do the right thing.

Ironically, it was Maureen Dowd, a card holding member of the media-political complex, who let the cat out of the bag about DC-Hollywood collaboration.
The matter stems from an Aug. 6, 2011, New York Times piece by columnist Maureen Dowd, who wrote that Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal were getting “top-level access to the most classified mission in history” for their movie, which would’ve given a “homestretch boost” to Obama’s reelection campaign with an October release. 
The Times reported later that Sony officials were considering delaying the release until later in 2012, after the elections or possibly in early 2013.
Representative Peter King disapproves of the President's media sycophants trampling on national security in their panic to retain power.

He has called for a probe to look into overly friendly relations between federal agencies and Hollywood, and the defense department has obliged by launching an investigation into leaks by its personnel.
“The leaks that followed the successful bin Laden mission led to the arrests of Pakistanis and put in danger the mission’s heroes and their families,” King said in a statement Thursday. “Privately, individuals in the intelligence and special operations communities expressed support for my request for a probe. I look forward to an update on the investigation and actions taken thus far.”
White House spokesman, Jay Carney, would not acknowledge the collateral damage attending President Obama's reelection offensive.
King called for the investigation in August 2011. At the time, White House press secretary Jay Carney dismissed King’s accusations as “ridiculous” and said the administration does “not discuss classified information, … and I would hope that as we face a continued threat from terrorism, the House Committee on Homeland Security would have more important topics to discuss than a movie.”
Americans take their movies seriously--too seriously in Noman's opinion--which is why Bigelow and Boal are rushing one out for pre-election release, and Democrats are leaking State secrets to make their guy look good.

Hollywoods ability to provoke catharsis, wash brains and change hearts via digestible, glossy and addictive propaganda aimed at feelings rather than thinking concerns Noman greatly for the country's future.  An effective counterweight is presently Democracy's most dire need.

He posts on the matter solely to invite readers to take a closer look at the way their minds are turned into politically correct putty, especially around election time, and to take proper precautions.

He also urges reflection on the character of people who would divulge sensitive information in order to skew it for self-serving purposes.

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