Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Other Climate Theory

WSJ Europe editorial page writer, Anne Jolis reports on developing research into cosmic rays and natural explanations for the earth's temperature fluctuations.  The results are unsurprising.  Cosmic Rays 1 - Climate Science 0.

Through several more years of "careful, quantitative measurement" at CERN, Mr. Kirkby predicts he and his team will "definitively answer the question of whether or not cosmic rays have a climatically significant effect on clouds." His old ally Mr. Svensmark feels he's already answered that question, and he guesses that CERN's initial results "could have been achieved eight to 10 years ago, if the project had been approved and financed." 
The biggest milestone in last month's publication may be not the content but the source, which will be a lot harder to ignore than Mr. Svensmark and his small Danish institute. 
Any regrets, now that CERN's particle accelerator is spinning without him? "No. It's been both a blessing and the opposite," says Mr. Svensmark. "I had this field more or less to myself for years—that would never have happened in other areas of science, such as particle physics. But this has been something that most climate scientists would not be associated with. I remember another researcher saying to me years ago that the only thing he could say about cosmic rays and climate was it that it was a really bad career move." 
On that point, Mr. Kirkby—whose organization is controlled by not one but 20 governments—really does not want to discuss politics at all: "I'm an experimental particle physicist, okay? That somehow nature may have decided to connect the high-energy physics of the cosmos with the earth's atmosphere—that's what nature may have done, not what I've done."
How many billions of dollars, or is it trillions, will have been spent on a convenient theory of man-made climate change that prospers population controllers and economic statists while menacing basic human freedoms such as the rights to procreate and to better one's lot economically?

It's comforting to know that regardless of the twists and turns of political fate, it is what nature does, not what men think they do, that will trump.

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