Sunday, September 18, 2011


Fred and Ginger!  What a pair.  Nofamily enjoyed "Carefree" (1938) last night, a typically silly story featuring the stiffest Ralph Bellamy performance ever.  Who cares?  Don't watch for plot.

The couple danced a dream sequence filmed in slow motion that captures magic.  He's dramatic.  She's magnificent.  They're explosive, yet perfectly in synch.  Tell Noman whether their kiss at the end doesn't convince you?

Fred did a solo with golf clubs that gets off to a slow start, picks up steam and finishes strong.  Who else besides Fred Astaire could pull this off?

Noman loves Fred and Ginger, a team that starred together in ten movies.  He even loves them in their separate careers afterwards.  (Ginger got the better of it because she could act as well as dance.)  Noman throughly enjoyed it and hopes you do as well.

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