Monday, August 1, 2011

Presumed Radical

Germany's venerable leftist rag, Der Spiegel, interviews Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler on the debt ceiling "compromise."  Compromise and bi-partisanship have made comebacks in the media's lexicon since the public swept those nasty, evil, selfish tea-party meanies into power last election (in the House of Representatives) on a platform of limited and reduced government.  The words virtually disappeared during the first two years of the Emperor Barack the Unreproachable's reign, when overlords Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi rammed the statist agenda down the throats of a financially traumatized and politically defenseless nation.

Note the interviewer's mastery of the Democratic party's and American media's talking points: the tea party is causing an image the world over of chaos and gridlock in America; it is holding Congress hostage to a radical cause; it is acting irresponsibly and unpatriotically by not going along with Democrats; it only wants to win and is not open to compromise; not accepting lies about future spending cuts is pigheaded; cutting the size of government will hurt the economy.  Noman thinks Meckler handles it all with laudable firmness and patience, and encourages readers to ponder his arguments.  Meanwhile, he appends a flashback to remind readers of Democrats' commitment to bipartisanship and compromise.

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