Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hand in Glove

Given that President Obama will need all the help he can get in 2012 to overcome a double-dip recession, failed redistributionist policies (failed for America, that is, not for the selected beneficiaries of government largesse), and widespread malaise over American decline at home and abroad, Hollywood is rushing to the rescue.  Director Katherine Bigelow will  premiere a movie about the killing of Osama Bin Laden one month before the November election.  Gee, do you think she's trying to influence its outcome?  The successful SEALS operation is often cited as an example of the Commander-in-Chief's courage, brilliance, nerve and just all-round awesomeness, which Bigelow doesn't want us to forget.  Neither does the President, who evidently green-lighted access for her to all the key players.  Pshaw says the President's mouthpiece; someone as wonderful and principled as a glib lawyer with a community-organizing background wouldn't do that.  Neither would an honorable studio like Sony pictures, which values its reputation for truthfulness, fairness and integrity, even if it did just host a glitterati fund raiser for the President.

Hollywood has been known to take liberties with facts and story lines.  So, Noman is expecting a little harmless exaggeration around the edges.  Perhaps Bigelow will photoshop Obama in Rambo get up going mano-a-mano with Osama, and screaming "this is for Peoria, which I love with all my being" before driving a butter knife slowly into the bad guy's jelly belly.  Whatever this October lollypop for the President has in store for the manipulable public, Noman will be sure to miss it.  He'll be voting on the President's four-year record, especially the first two when his party ruled the roost and turned our crisis into its opportunity.

Notice how the camera faces leftward and has no swivel.  Remember that in October of 2012, and throughout the election season.

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