Sunday, May 8, 2011

Better Than I Remembered

There Be Dragons, by Roland Joffe, premiered this weekend.  Noman saw it months ago at a pre-screening on a large television set, and walked away thinking it was a good movie.  What a difference a big screen, and a few key edits, makes.  Noman saw it today at the theater and left emotionally moved, and thinking that this was a very good movie, with higher aims than merely being a biopic about a saint.  The story drew him in, as did the cinematography and acting performances.  Wes Bentlley's Manolo seemed much more complex to Noman this time around, as did his son, Roberto.  And a few edits at the end of the movie brought it full circle to the beginning, both of the movie and of the relationship between Manolo and Josemaria.  It's not a pretty story as it's set during the Spanish Civil War--as bloody and bitter a conflict as the 20th century produced.  But it's an emotionally charged tale that points in the direction of the good, which shares in unity with beauty and truth.  The film does a very good job of setting forth the basic outlines of Opus Dei's spirituality, and of depicting the glory of both priestly and lay dedication to God.  Noman highly recommends it.

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