Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mother of Five Boys Has Never Worked A Day In Her Life!

“Guess what, (Romney’s) wife has actually never worked a day in her life," said Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen.  Thankfully, she has experienced fierce blowback from all quarters including President Obama, and has since apologized.

As the clip below illustrates, Rosen was in the middle of deprecating Ann Romney's bona fides as a woman in touch with the economic concerns of less wealthy women. What she revealed is that Democratic Party apparatchiks don't consider child-raising and home-making real work.

Fifty years of anti-natalist propaganda have done little to elevate feminist consciousness regarding the value of womens' work done at home.  Rather, it has created a world in which women are ashamed to admit that they don't have an outside occupation (even at negligible compensation), as if autonomy from men and children were the ultimate measures of a woman's dignity.

Pity for women and society, let alone children and men.  As my mother-of-eight-wife says, the stereotype of barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen has yielded to the ideal of well-shod and sterile in the boardroom.

Rosen ... said she was trying to talk about economic issues, then added, "This is going to be an ugly campaign season."
Indeed.  President Obama's circles are loaded with this type of woman--fast mouthed, chip-on-the-shoulder, in-your-face, lavishly remunerated, orientationally-challenged: a type which is supposedly proliferating in battle-ground states--and are bereft of the Ann Romney type.

When Democrats talk about women and women's issues, they're talking about the Hilary Rosens of the world.  They are addressing narrow sexual obsessions and Nietzschean power lust, not the mothers of five children or their pressing concerns.

In the I-did-not-have-sex-with-that-woman category, Presidential spokesperson Jay Carney turned Hilary's faux pas of saying what she thought into an occasion for reciting President Obama's economic triumphs.  After those three seconds elapsed, he downplayed the relationship between Rosen and the President.
He ... attempted to distance the president from Rosen by saying he could not confirm reporting that she has made 35 visits to the Obama White House and that he could not characterize how close she is to the administration. "I don't know how to assess her overall relationship with the White House," he said.
The Washington press corp was satisfied with Carney's evasion.  Are you?

Consider that President Obama's advisors counseled Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to hire Rosen as a communications consultant. The DNC has paid Rosen's firm $120,000 since 2011 for the service of training Wasserman-Schultz to "tone it down."

Rosen is not a stay-at-home mom, but she most definitely constitutes what passes for a woman in today's Democratic Party, the legal profession, the media and on university campuses.  Excuse the redundancy.
Rosen has twins with Elizabeth Birch, with whom she separated in 2006. She was in 2004 the interim director for the Human Rights Campaign, a leading gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender lobbyist organization. Birch was the executive director of the group for eight years.
You might want to recall this episode when pondering headlines regarding the GOP's "war on women."  Personally, I have a lot of respect for the Ann Romneys of the world--5 million of them in the US--and the Mitt Romneys who stay with them and take care of their families.


  1. I'd far, far RATHER be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. In my workplace, I have the freedom to go shod or unshod (never had a job where that was true). In my marriage to a loving, hardworking, open-to-life (not to mention brave) man, I have the freedom to carry and bear and raise as many babies as I want (I know many women who'd love that freedom but don't have it). In my kitchen, I'm in charge of the decor, the schedule, and the delegation (very unusual among those who work in boardrooms). Thank you, Noman, for giving me this privilege all these years.